Side of Beef Cut & Bulk Packed

$1,495.00 - $1,755.00

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Minimum Weight: 115kg
Maximum Weight: 135kg
Disclaimer: *This product requires 3 days notice .*Price is for Cut and Bulk Packed. Quantities included are estimates only. The final quantity will depend on the thickness of cut and final carcass weight.

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x10 T-bone Steaks
x5 Sirloin Steaks or Bone in Sirloin
x1 Eye Fillet whole or steaks x5
x2 Tomahawks or Texan Cutlets
x1 Scotch Fillet Whole or Steaks x6
x2 Bolar Blade Roasts or Blade Steaks x6
x6 Chuck Steaks
3kg Diced Chuck
x1 Short Rib 3 Rib Rack
4kg Rump Steak
1kg Tri Tip Steak
x1 Silverside Eye Round
x3 Silverside Roasts (corned or fresh)
x8 Gravy Beef
x6 Osso Bucco
x12 Topside Minute Steaks
x2 Topside Roasts
x1 Skirt Steaks
1kg Flank Steaks
x1 Spider Steak
x4 Round Steaks
2kg Diced Beef
x2 Marrow Bones
2kg Soup Bones
20kg Thick or Thin Sausages
15kg Premium Mince

All remaining Bones, Fat, other by-products