Christmas FAQ

Tumbi Meats is now taking pre-orders for Christmas. Ordering will be closed on the 10th December at midnight. All orders will be placed through our online shop as per normal. Please read through the below FAQs to ensure you’re aware of all changes!

Please note: Home delivery will not be running between the 9th December and 14th January, inclusive.

If you have any further questions that aren’t listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

When can I order Christmas products?

Christmas products, as well as all other product categories, are available to order up until 11:59pm on Sunday 10th December. You will select your preferred pick-up date when submitting your order. Pick-up can be any day up until the Sunday 24th December.

Are your Hams Smoked?
Yes, all of the hams we are offering this year are smoked. The Zammits and Borrowdale Free Range hams are single smoked, and the Black Forest hams are double Smoked.
I would like to bake my ham – how do I do this?
Gently remove the rind and discard. For best results cut through the fat in a criss cross pattern making diamond shapes in the fat approx 40mm. Place a clove in each diamond. Pre-heat your oven to 160c. Prepare a glaze (there are plenty of recipes online) Brush the ham with the glaze and place in the oven. Heat for 1.5-2 hours glazing every 15mins. Remove from oven, rest and serve.
How do I calculate how much meat I need for Christmas lunch?
For Boneless Roasts, work on 500g of meat per person for all of your meats combined. This will allow for leftovers to be enjoyed the days after Christmas. For bone in product allow an extra 30% for roasts or up to 50% if doing a whole Turkey, Whole Chicken, Lamb or Pig on a spit roast.
E.g. If you have 15 people, you would need 7.5kg of meat, so if you wanted Pork and Beef plus chicken, your chicken at 1.8kg would give you approx. 1.2kg, you could then get a Pork roast around 3.3kg and Beef Roast around 3.5kg to make up the 7.5kg you need.
Can you slice our ham?
Unfortunately not. Due to food safety risks & regulations, we are not permitted to process ready-to-eat product in our prep areas.
How long does it take to cook?
Beef Roasts = 50 mins per kg
Pork Roasts = 45min per kg
Lamb Roasts = 45min per kg
For best results, bring meat to room temp prior to placing in the oven, and ensure the roast is removed from the oven, covered and rested for 5-10 mins before carving.
How do I get my Pork Rind to crackle well?
Ensure the rind is scored, rub a generous amount of salt into the scored rind – don’t be afraid of using too much! Pre-heat your oven to 230c. Cook the roast until the crackle forms, reduce the heat to the 180c for shorter cooks on smaller Loin Roasts and 160c for longer cooks on cuts like a large Pork Shoulder Roast.
What days and hours are you open this Christmas?
6am to 6pm Mon 18th December to Saturday 23rd December
6am to 3pm Sunday 24th December
Closed Christmas day and Boxing Day
6am to 6pm Wednesday 27th December
When can I collect my order?

You will select your preferred pick-up date when submitting your order. Pick-up can be any day up until the Sunday 24th December (there is a 3 day lead time on all orders during this period).

You will need to present your order confirmation number from your email when collecting your order. If you do not have your order confirmation number, your order will not be able to be released.

Can I make changes to my order?

Due to the extremely high demand during the Christmas period, unfortunately we cannot accept changes or cancellations to any orders.

This includes part cancellations, additions, pick-up date changes, etc.

What if I need to order after 10th December?

Our physical store will still be operating, and is available for any last-minute essentials. Please drop in and see what you can find. 

Can I order over the phone or in person?

Due to the extremely high demand over the Christmas period, all orders will need to be done through the website only. 

If you need assistance submitting an order through the website, please drop in and we can help you do so in store. 

Can I have my order delivered?

Due to the extremely high demand over the Christmas period, Tumbi Meats retail delivery will pause from Saturday 9th December, and will resume Monday 15th January.

If you would like your order delivered, you must select a delivery date before our delivery closure period. The final retail delivery will be on Friday 8th December.